Cape Cod EMS

Learning Management System for Public Safety Personnel

Empowering Excellence

Understanding Your Needs

Our LMS was created by public safety personnel for public safety personnel, ensuring that it meets the unique needs and requirements of those working in the field. Our easy-to-use platform provides a wide range of features that make it simple and convenient for your requirements.

Quality Education

We have always believed that high quality education is the key to success and have invested heavily in this system to offer you the best opportunities. Understanding that not everyone learns the same, both online and hybrid education options are available. Our instructors are experts in their fields and our growing catalog of courses are created by our instruction designer to offer you the best possible experience.

Department Based Approach

No two Department's or Agencies are the same. Because of that, each site is built to specific organizational needs. This includes your own staffing structures, customized reporting, branding, and staff data editing. This approach also allows your organization to create its own own state-of-the-art internal training and tracking courses and programs at no additional cost and without the need for any additional software.

Centralized Data

We offer a convenient cloud-based data storage that enables providers and supervisors to effortlessly access information from multiple devices, anytime and anywhere. This aids in guaranteeing compliance with ATP and recertification obligations for all public safety personnel in the Cape and Islands Emergency Medical Services system. Providers can securely store digital copies of their credentials, view their completed courses, and access certificates of completion. Supervisors gain the ability to create personalized reports and receive notifications as per their requirements


Cape Cod EMS offers a platform for secure data tracking and storage, employing encryption standards and platforms trusted by prominent corporations and governments worldwide.


With its modular design, our platform enables smooth updates and expansions, guaranteeing adaptability and growth to meet the ever changing requirements of public safety organizations.